Spring, the birth of new ideas

What a beautiful week it has been! We’re really grateful for these wonderful times! Spring is in full swing!

Spring is after winter; it is the season of flowers, of birds singing in the early morning, the fresh scent of flowers everywhere, of longer and warmer days. Spring is rebirth. The rebirth of ideas, the rebirth of thoughts, the rebirth of physical being. Spring is a new beginning. It is the time to let go of what hasn’t worked. It is the time to get rid of the habits that don’t serve you well. It is time to give new habits a chance. This is when the biological new year begins. Spring is where new beginnings start. Surrounded by beauty and warmth, Spring comes and sweeps us off our feet, along with anything held deep in the body. It is time to start this great new year.

With Spring also comes Spring cleaning. It is the time to realise what may not working. To scan the different elements in your life…

Where are you on a scale from 1 to 10 for each of the following? Jot down a number quickly for each.

Your personal life

Your professional life

Your physical fitness

Your social life

Your spiritual life

Where do you want to be? Jot down another number for each. Why aren’t you there?

A wise man once said, “For something to change, you’ve got to change.”

To be where you want to be, what have you got to change? Is it to wake up earlier so that you have more time for yourself, is it to let go of too many commitments, is it to set a new level of focus? Write down three ideas right now in less than a minute. The less time we have to write it down, the more clear and simple statements we get.

Now think about how those ideas can get you from the initial number you have to where you want to be.

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Happy Spring,
Galina and the Insight team