Year in Reflection: Think about you

Years ago at Christmas, I remember how my best friend decided to leave her long-term partner. She called me from the cold night of the 24th of December, seating on the street with her only suitcase, not knowing where to go. Her parents died many years ago and at the age of 27, she decided to take the risk and get her life in her hands by leaving the abusive relationship she was in. Her only family of the last ten years was her partner and he masked his love through control and manipulation. She was terrified for years, knowing she had no one else to turn to, and that Christmas Eve, she became brave enough to take action and change her life.

She said "I will live my life on my own terms, the way that I want. I will live my life to the fullest. No matter if I need to spend Christmas night on the street with my suitcase. I have my freedom and I trust that my heart will lead me to my happiness." Now, she is living her own life the way she wants, trusting her choices.

With this story, I would like to wish you to live 2015 to the fullest, to face your own bravery and to create your best year yet.

Take the time this January to think about you: evaluate how you grew from your experiences in the past year. How many new inspiring encounters have you had with new and old friends, and how many beautiful moments took your breath away? How many times have you stopped on your way somewhere to listen to a beautiful song of a street musician or of birds chirping? How often have you shared your deep appreciation for your partner, family, or friends, and gratitude for the precious moments spent with them? How many people have you shared your happiness to help them feel happier and to follow their hearts?

If you had a dream version of yourself in a year from now, what would you be doing, what would you be grateful for, who would be the people surrounding you?

Now, imagine if this version of your dream self could be truly realised. Imagine that there are more moments of appreciation, love, joy, laughter, shared genuinely, consistently. Many call this happiness. We call it Insight.

Wishing you joyful holidays!

Galina from Insight Seminars