Based in Mexico City, Peter is a Productivity Consultants, Executive Coach and founder of Perform Productivity Solutions for Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speaking countries. He is also Head of Training Latam for Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington´s most recent start up company. He has over 30 years of experience facilitating personal and professional seminars; Culture Change, productivity, team-building, goal achievement, performance, productivity, communication, and leadership training. He is intimately familiar with the differences in culture between different countries in the world. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

Peter Felsmann

Peter Felsmann Insight Seminars Facilitator

Peter Felsmann, based in Mexico City, Mexico, first took Insight when he was 16 years old. He's facilitated Insight Seminars since he was 20 years old in Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking countries.

He's committed to this work, having run seminars from from Siberia to Southern Chile. Peter has over 15 years experience facilitating:

  • Personal and professional seminars,
  • Conflict-resolution training, and
  • Peer mentoring sessions.

He has also facilitated seminars throughout Latin America, the U.S. and parts of Europe. for:

  • Abandoned children and teens,
  • People with life-threatening diseases, and:
    • Their caretakers

As a Performance Enhancement Consultant, Peter works with high level athletes. He co-founded the Performance Enhancement Institute in Argentina, addressing performance and career goals of top-tier soccer players.

As a Productivity Consultant, Peter mostly works with Fortune 100 Companies. He shows them how to increase their Personal and Organizational Productivity using Microsoft and McGhee Productivity Solutions Methodology.

Peter devotes significant time to charitable organizations. He is a local representative for the Heartfelt Foundation. He plans and serves on projects that take holiday cheer and joy to:

  • Children in hospitals and orphanages,
  • Families in need and at risk,
  • The home-bound or homeless,
  • Frail elderly in nursing homes, and
  • The terminally ill.

Peter speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English, is an Aikido enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities.

Hacking Happiness Summit London

We had the wonderful privilege of attending the Hacking Happiness summit in London on 14 November, 2014. With speakers ranging from young entrepreneurs, to a Buddhist monk,with organic food and coconut water, this event represents the up-and-coming generation considering the intersection between business and happiness/mindfulness.

Presenter at Hacking HappinessWe are entering the age of happiness, where the gross national product is only a part of the equation of a good life, good politics, and well being. All of the entrepreneurs that spoke had the same message - take care of yourself, believe in your ideas, and go and make the world a better place the way you want to see it. It was very inspiring to meet many young people with large ideas, believing in change, many of them already actively pursuing them, while realizing how important it is to remain happy.

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Terrence Mauri at Hacking Happiness
Terrence Mauri at Hacking Happiness - we have about 900 months to live

One of the speakers, Terrence Mauri, gave us a great reminder about our limited time on this earth. If the average person lives 78 years, then we have on average 936 months to live. His message was very clear - we don't have a lot of time so we might as well make the best we can with the time we do have. He was very specific to pinpoint us that we need to really believe in our dreams, in our mission and act on them now. In other words, there is no time to work the mediocre job, there is no time to listen to your parents to tell you that you are well off with a stable income, there is no time to listen to your friends or partner, because by the time we listen to all of them, we will not have any left to listen to ourselves, our hearts, our deepest desires, our drive, our flow, our mission.

Another speaker's carefully constructed keynote highlighted that we are all in this together. This life, this planet. So, a happier person that follows his or her dreams emanates with energy, elevating the ambience and surrounding mood.

A third speaker, an entrepreneur, talked about his mooshi toys idea that sold very well, but he became so overwhelmed and exhausted with working non stop that he decided his next project will be a website called, developing apps that help us stop and reflect during our daily routines.

Create Meaning at Hacking Happiness ConferenceThe crowd was mostly young, diverse, yet there were a lot of business veterans, with a strong spirit, and even stronger belief that everyone deserves to be happy.

We held a satellite event for the Hacking Happiness Summit - workshop called Unlock Your Creativity, led by Ruth Grodek, since our mission is in alignment with The Summit. The event served as an intro to our full seminar, exploring what we really want though breakaway exercises.

In the Age of Happiness and Mindfulness, we are very excited about the future.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]