How Insight has inspired me

Getting blessed by Mother Teresa whilst I was volunteering for her was a highlight of my life. What got me to Calcutta was something that happened in an Insight Seminar.

I did my Insight I in 1985 – half a lifetime ago – and on September 30th I will be back in the seminar room again (at one of our old haunts, The Columbia Hotel!) to co-facilitate the new seminar with Ruth Grodek.

I don’t have anything else in my life that has been such a continuous element – not a relationship, not my work, not where I live. All these have changed over the decades. Insight has been the one constant.

It has my heart and somehow I have kept coming back.

I was talking with Galina, the Insight London Director, and wondering why that was, what that magical and compelling element was and she asked me to write about it here.

Back in 1985 I was a bit lost, really. Great social life, work in publishing good but not really satisfying me, relationships a total mess and really no idea of who I was. I didn’t even understand the question. I wasn’t in extremis, but I did have some of that question going through my mind, “Is this it? There has to be more than this.” But through what I can really only describe as the miraculous way Insight works, I started to learn, to grow and to heal. I became accountable for my own quality of life. It really was a transformation – or rather, it enabled me to transform my own life. The life I have now has so much depth and richness to it, elements that were totally beyond me before I did my Insight I.

I have had an amazing life. Not without its bumps or stumbles, but with that sense that it is all unfolding perfectly. Even in the darkest times, there has been hope and a deep belief that I can get through it. And I have.

Directly because of Insight I worked for and was blessed by Mother Teresa in Calcutta. Directly because of Insight I have the career as a coach and facilitator that I have now and which I love. Directly because of Insight I am in the loving and nurturing relationship I am in now. The fantastic circle of friends I have – pretty much all of them came through Insight – people who share my values and way of looking at life.

Mother Teresa, love for insightI am so glad Galina asked me to write this as it is having me look at all the blessings in my life and I can trace most of them back to that day in November 1985 when I trusted my friend who said, “This is really good. You should give it a go.”

So here I am, saying to you – whether you did it years ago or you only just heard about it – Insight is an extraordinarily powerful three days. You should give it a go.

Hope to see you at the seminar.


Warm wishes,
Ginny Fraser
Facilitator, Insight Seminars

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