Enjoy the silence within you

Imagine a heavenly island in complete silence. Imagine a day spent with your inner self and no one else; a day where you can hear your inner voice, surrounded by the peaceful silence of a heavenly island. This is a reality, and it is happening today in Bali, with silent celebrations of the Balinese New Year. There are no planes, no cars, no motorcycles, no lights, no fires, no talking, no shops open today. Today is a day for self-reflection.

Bali played a crucial role in my inner awakening, healing, and self-love. Four years ago, I fell in love with this magical place. I felt it with all my cells. The island spirits embraced me to open my heart and to listen to my inner wisdom. During my first time there, at the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, I met free souls from around the world and felt a blissful level of energy from the island and the world souls gathered to celebrate themselves.


Bali is my spiritual home, where my husband and I became engaged, where I felt connected to my inner voice. Back in the physical home, I experience deep connection and love with Insight.

Insight is the mission of my heart, where I share the same level of love and joy. My involvement with Insight has helped me practice checking up with what’s happening inside of me with my emotions and desires. Insight is my true home, where I can bravely share who I am and feel supported, accepted and loved.

We are all conscious creators of our own lives and surrounding life of others. In this special day of inner reflection, what is the one moment where you felt most loved, and connected? Recall how you may have felt then and know that these feeling and state of inner connection as always accessible from within you.
I would love to hear about your special moments in the comments below

Love and Namaste,
Gaia Vacheva, Insight Seminars UK Director

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