Insight Seminars for Professionals

Insight Seminars equip you with a powerful set of heart-centred leadership skills to create a vibrant and flourishing working environment where individuals can shine and ‘team spirit’ is a reality, not just a buzzword.

Through a series of presentations, one-to-one exercises and group activities, you develop your interpersonal skills and learn some life-changing secrets to authentic communication, true collaboration and achieving goals through setting clear intentions.

Learn Leadership Stress Management

Our fun and engaging courses help you fine-tune your team-leading skills as you gain more mastery of your own emotions, and become more intuitive and adept at diffusing negativity and fear in others (invaluable for stressful situations or when making critical decisions).

Insight is perfect for individuals or groups of colleagues from the same company

Insight Seminars help you explore how to:

1. Manage and direct your energy in a way that creates the best outcomes for you, your team and your clients
2. Communicate with greater authenticity and clarity, to impact and inspire others
3. Be the change you want to see in your company − so others rush to follow your lead
4. Build better relationships − first with yourself then with colleagues and clients
5. Align your business strategy with your personal integrity: explore the importance of keeping to your agreements
6. Work alongside competitors for the greater good without undermining your own success