Ruth Rochelle: Insight Seminars Facilitator

Ruth has been part of Insight Seminars since the first UK seminar over 4 decades ago. She’s facilitated Insight seminars around the world for over 20 years.

She was born in London, studied Architecture at university, loves movies, walking her dog and warm weather. Ruth has worked in the field of motivation, communication and personal development since 1980. She headed up Insight UK for five years, before presenting Insight’s personal development seminars.

In 1988, alongside her Insight work, she set up “Creation”, her consulting and coaching business. Creation delivers programmes to senior communication industry executives that enhance their:

  • Communication,
  • Team-building,
  • Motivation,
  • Leadership,
  • Change management, and
  • Personal development.

Ruth places a high value on:

  • Personal fulfilment,
  • Relationships that work, and
  • Mastery.

She encourages her clients to work in an atmosphere of integrity and openness. She assists them to

  1. Be honest about their ‘limiting thinking’,
  2. Take the necessary risks to step beyond their ‘comfort zones’ and
  3. Achieve the business and personal results they truly desire.

She loves to liberate talent!