Peter Felsmann Insight Seminars CEO and Facilitator

Peter Felsmann, based in Mexico City, Mexico, took Insight when he was 16 years old, and he has facilitated Insight Seminars since he was 20 years old for Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking countries spanning the globe from Siberia to Southern Chile. Peter has over 15 years experience facilitating personal and professional seminars, conflict-resolution training, and peer mentoring sessions. He has also facilitated seminars for abandoned children and teens, as well as people with life-threatening diseases and their caretakers throughout Latin America, the U.S. and parts of Europe.

As a Performance Enhancement Consultant, Peter has worked with high level athletes, co-founding the Performance Enhancement Institute in Argentina, addressing performance and career goals of top-tier soccer players.
As a Productivity Consultant, Peter spends a large amount of his time working with Fortune 100 Companies, showing them how to increase their Personal and Organizational Productivity using Microsoft technology and McGhee Productivity Solutions Methodology.

Peter devotes a significant part of his time to charitable organizations, and is a local representative for the Heartfelt Foundation, planning and serving on projects that take holiday cheer and joy to children in hospitals and orphanages, families in need and at risk, the frail elderly in nursing homes, those that are home-bound or homeless, and the terminally ill. Peter speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English.
He is an Aikido enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities.

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