Ginny Fraser – Insight Seminars Facilitator

Ginny Fraser has been facilitating with Insight since 1990 in her native UK and around the world. She also ran the UK Insight business for six years. Ginny has a Bachelors degree in Communication and facilitates and coaches in the business and education sectors, working with global organisations and local not-for-profits.

After successfully dealing with a cancer diagnosis she coaches and writes about alternative approaches to health, particularly cancer, addressing the emotional impact, the importance of attitude and of letting go of self-judgment. She is also the published author of A Mother in my Heart, a self-help book which looks at healing the issues involved with involuntary childlessness.

Our ability to have authority over our attitude to the events of our lives is something she feels strongly about and is a theme that runs through all her work.

She lives in a village in the English countryside and enjoys adventurous travel and eating dinner with friends.