Do you dream about Inner Peace? Do you ever wish the world would just go away – for just a day?

Or even a few hours? What has happened to us? Life never used to be this busy. Did it?

There is so much to respond to – texts, emails, phone messages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now the BIG C – and I don’t mean cancer, but the Coronavirus.

We are living in particularly scary times right now. Anxiety is everywhere – “Should I self-isolate?”, “Do I need a mask – but I heard they don’t help”, “What about my grandma – is she going to die of it?”, “My savings have gone down the toilet.”, “I’ve got a bit of a cough. Have I got it?”

That’s on top of everything else going on in the world. Great fear about the climate and can we stop the rate of global warming quickly enough? And all the countries where there are refugees with no homes and not enough to eat.

It is hard to find peace in the world, so the only place we can create it is internal

At least, that’s the starting point. How do we do that?

This two-hour workshop will give you a chance to explore what could help you create a more peaceful inner life. A place inside that enables you to express yourself more peacefully in your relationships, at work and in the world. It’s about living life from the inside-out, whether it’s peace you want or joy or loving or abundance.

This online workshop is for people have done Insight and those who haven’t and is a great opportunity to find out more about the programme.


Ginny Fraser is an executive coach and facilitator. She has been facilitating around the world with Insight Seminars since 1995, from Brazil to Siberia. She is a published author and also counsels people with cancer on how to heal naturally (based on her own experience).