Our upcoming events

Insight II London, 3 – 7 June 2020

Insight II opens your heart by getting free from anything that has been holding you back in your life and embracing your true self.

Insight III England, 23 – 27 Sept 2020

This seminar will enable you to bring forward a greater capacity to enjoy life, to be present at the moment, and to become more deeply centred in the heart regardless of situation, circumstances, or environment.

Insight I London, 9 – 11 Oct 2020

Insight I builds the foundation for awakening your heart and discovering what will support you in creating a life you love.

Insight Teen Advantage Seminar, 17-18 Oct 2020

A wonderful opportunity for Kids 10-13 years old for a Seminar format tailored specifically for the young and quick-learning children to present them with tools that could increase their emotional intelligence.