Our upcoming events

The Gratitude Café Zoomalicious Christmas Gathering!, 8th December 7.30 PM GMT

Bring your attitude of gratitude and your sense of rhythm along to the party and take the opportunity to give them both a good workout!

Create A Great Year in 2022! (Whatever shows up in the world!)

The workshop will provide an opportunity to take stock of and consider your successes and learnings from the past year.

Insight iii: Become a neutral observer i.e. instead of reacting: Step outside situations and gain perspective. Become aware of specific distractions in your life. Learn to connect with, and listen to, your inner guidance and intuition.

Insight III England, 6 – 10 October 2022

Insight III intensively focuses on your connection with your inner, authentic self. We designed this extraordinary seminar for people who want to: Develop a greater capacity to enjoy life; Be present at the moment, Become more deeply centered in their heart regardless of: Situation, Circumstances, or Environment.