09 Jun 2021

From 7:30 PM until 9 PM BST

At Online Event

Led by Russell Bishop, co-founder of Insight Seminars

We’ve all had the experience of wanting something, working hard to get it, and then wondering why we ever wanted it in the first place. There's a huge difference between fulfilling money, job or career goals and the deeper experiences we truly seek - purpose, meaning, and genuine fulfilment.

Clearly, achieving goals and objectives are important. However, goals can be transitory, subject to changing conditions in the world. Deeper purpose and meaning that underpin those goals will endure far beyond changing external conditions.

What if the secret to greater personal and professional success came from making a difference worth making, by fulfilling your personal and professional purposes in life?

In this workshop, Russell will guide us to explore

  • The secret to person and professional success
  • Deeper connection to purpose and meaning
  • How to achieve genuine fulfilment


About the Facilitator: 


Russell Bishop, a renowned expert in personal and organisational transformation, created Insight Seminars in 1978. He is an inspirational communicator and his unique insights have assisted thousands of people around the world to create balance and success in their personal and professional lives. His conscious coaching and consulting, services help both individuals and companies enjoy more purposeful lives, making differences worth making. A best-selling author, (Workarounds That Work,) his corporate clients include Fortune 500 executives from a wide variety of fields including aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, as well as non-profit organisations. While serving as Editorial Director for the Huffington Post, he created numerous sections aimed at improving the quality of life. He also played a lead role in developing the highly successful stress reduction App, GPS for the Soul.