Sofia, Bulgaria

08 Jun 2023  -  05 Aug 2023

Sofia, Bulgaria

Insight IV. Knowing the Purpose of Your Heart. 

Professional Seminar

Prerequisite - Insight I, II, III Seminars.

Insight IV is a powerful journey in human and group dynamics designed to support you in fully knowing the purpose of your heart. Insight IV is for anyone who wants to achieve greater levels of mastery in their personal and professional life. In Insight I, II, and III, you learned essential tools for living more fully from your heart.

Insight IV goes one step further and is designed to support you in knowing the purpose of your heart so that you can manifest abundantly into the world. Because of the intensity and duration of this program, participants will be provided with incredible opportunities for growth and transformation.

Imagine spending 29 days committed to:

• Integrating your awareness and learning from Insight I, II & III;
• Living a more fulfilling life with clarity, purpose, and direction;
• Learning tools for expressing yourself with greater authenticity and facilitating your own life; • Developing your own personal style of facilitation;
• Mastering the way you present yourself in life (presentation skills);
• Stepping “outside the box” and expanding your “comfort zone”;
• Cultivating deeper relationships with yourself and others;
• Embracing life’s challenges with greater self-control and strength of heart;
• Bringing your behaviour into greater alignment with the purpose of your heart.

Seminar Format

Insight IV Seminar continues for 29 days and will take place in Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: July 8 – Aug 5, 2023
*Exact dates will be confirmed in addition.

Seminar hours*: 9:00- 19:00 

*Seminar hours may vary daily

Insight IV gives the unique opportunity to develop your ability to authentically present yourself in front of both small and large groups. You will also have the chance to develop feedback skills by engaging in an interactive evaluation process. All your presentations will be recorded. At the end of the seminar, you will receive a video recording reflecting your progress during the Seminar.

Participation in all sessions of Insight IV is mandatory.

The participation fee is 4,500 EUR.  Deposit: 1000 EUR

Immediate payment of the entire fee will save you space until you receive approval to participate in the seminar. Application forms for the seminar will be sent once your non-refundable application deposit is received.

The rest of the participation fee is due no later than May 30th, 2023, along with the completed application form for participation.

A commission for participation in the seminar will review your application and you will be notified about your participation status no later than June 15, 2023. Your deposit for participation or any other paid amount of the participation fee cannot be transferred and used for the participation of another person. No scholarships are available for this seminar.


Please email to find out more about the seminar.