For us, an important part of doing this work is making it available to those who can’t afford it. We often have requests from adults and kids, from diverse backgrounds, who would love to attend an Insight Seminar, but don’t have the financial means to make that happen. Our tuition assistance funds match funds to the greatest need.

We also greatly appreciate any donations to our general fund, to help out with our operating costs. We strive to keep our expenses as low as possible and are fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers keeping Insight thriving. Donations to our general fund support our essential operating costs and will be used for the highest good.

Doing this work requires a lot of devotion, and we at Insight are determined to continue to serve. If you feel a calling to bring this magic to many more children & adults, please donate towards Insight Seminars fund.

We believe that your valuable contribution will change a life.

Thank you!

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