Special Opportunities

If you're new to Insight, or a grad looking to expand your toolbox, our Special Events, Workshops, and Seminars are a great way to connect to the Insight community.

Length: Varies by workshop/seminar
Prerequisites: Typically none

Business Insight

Our Business Workshops and Transformational Coaching offer an experience where you and your staff are inspired and empowered, where work is fun and energizing, and you are leading from the heart.

Length: Varies by service
Prerequisites: None

Insight Masters Class: Living Loving

The Insight Masters is a three-month long program focused on living your life from a place of heart-centered mastery.

Length: 3, 4-day weekends over 3 months, plus monthly teleseminars
Prerequisites: Insight I, II, and III

Insight III: Centering in the Heart

Building on the tools you learned in I and II, Insight III is about centering you
in your heart, in a nurturing and rejuvenating retreat setting.

Length: 5 days in retreat
Prerequisites: Insight I and II

Insight II: The Opening Heart

In a safe and supportive  journey, Insight II opens your heart by  getting free from anything that has been holding you back in your life and embracing your true self.

Length: 5 days
Prerequisite: Insight I