Insight iii: Become a neutral observer i.e. instead of reacting: Step outside situations and gain perspective. Become aware of specific distractions in your life. Learn to connect with, and listen to, your inner guidance and intuition.

Insight III Seminar, 10 - 14 May 2023

Insight III intensively focuses on your connection with your inner, authentic self. We designed this extraordinary seminar for people who want to:

  • Develop a greater capacity to enjoy life,
  • Be present at the moment,
  • Become more deeply centred in their heart regardless of:
    • Situation,
    • Circumstances, or
    • Environment. 

For many participants, it is their first opportunity to recognise and connect with their higher aspects.

We run the seminar in a beautiful Bulgarian mountain retreat, which provides lodging and meals.

The processes may involve groups, introspection or silence, with fun and laughter. During the five day retreat, you'll practice how to:

  • Become a neutral observer i.e. instead of reacting, and:
  • Step outside situations and gain perspective.
  • Become aware of specific distractions in your life.
  • Learn to connect with, and listen to, your inner guidance and intuition.
  • Experience how judging others limits and impacts consciousness, experience, and
  • Learn practical forgiveness techniques.
  • Access, trust, and act upon your heart's guidance.
  • Strengthen your ability to see situations with greater clarity.
  • Fully embody the qualities of compassion, acceptance, and authenticity.
  • Discover how to accept, trust and surrender to the process of life.
  • Spontaneously centre in peace and joy.
  • Anchor the skills and tools learned in Insight I, II Seminars.

Your ticket

Prerequisites: Insight I and Insight II Seminars.

Your ticket includes:

  • Accommodation - single room
  • Three meals a day
  • Seminar fee
  • Transfer from Sofia Airport to Borovets resort in Bulgaria


Your trip: the group usually fly together with BA morning flight from London to Sofia and the return flight is either late on Sunday evening or on Monday. Many participants stay in Sofia on Sunday night for a final group dinner. The hotel on Sunday is not included in the price.






CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY Tuition includes a £100 non-refundable deposit. Any remaining tuition will be refunded provided that request for refund occurs at least fourteen calendar days prior to commencement of the registered seminar. Tuition is forfeited for any refund requests made less than fourteen calendar days prior to the registered seminar. Refund requests must be submitted in writing, and refunds will be processed within thirty days of receipt of request. 

Tuition Transfers: A tuition transfer request (maximum of twice) to a future Insight Seminar occurring at most up to twenty-four months from the registered seminar may be made four weeks prior to commencement of the registered seminar.




Hear from a participant:

"I would joyfully recommend Insight III to anyone who gained something from the preceding Seminars. It’s a different experience to I & II but one that taught me even more about myself and how I show up in the world.

I learnt so much about staying in my heart and maintaining integrity when I am interacting with others. I was shown how I am moved out of my heart by the particular words or actions of others, and tools to manage that experience. I really appreciated the chances to connect with the natural world and reflect on what those encounters meant to me. Finally, the teachings around attachment and neutrality have been important in allowing me to lead a happier and more contented life.

I use the tools I discovered at Insight III on an almost daily basis and share snippets with the people I support in my work. In terms of value and impact I think this Seminar is unmatched and I urge you to enrol and enjoy!"

- Ben Carter


How To Find Peace Inside During Turbulent Times

Do you dream about Inner Peace? Do you ever wish the world would just go away – for just a day?

Or even a few hours? What has happened to us? Life never used to be this busy. Did it?

There is so much to respond to – texts, emails, phone messages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now the BIG C – and I don’t mean cancer, but the Coronavirus.

We are living in particularly scary times right now. Anxiety is everywhere – “Should I self-isolate?”, “Do I need a mask - but I heard they don’t help”, “What about my grandma – is she going to die of it?”, “My savings have gone down the toilet.”, “I’ve got a bit of a cough. Have I got it?”

That’s on top of everything else going on in the world. Great fear about the climate and can we stop the rate of global warming quickly enough? And all the countries where there are refugees with no homes and not enough to eat.

It is hard to find peace in the world, so the only place we can create it is internal

At least, that’s the starting point. How do we do that?

This two-hour workshop will give you a chance to explore what could help you create a more peaceful inner life. A place inside that enables you to express yourself more peacefully in your relationships, at work and in the world. It’s about living life from the inside-out, whether it’s peace you want or joy or loving or abundance.

This online workshop is for people have done Insight and those who haven’t and is a great opportunity to find out more about the programme.


Ginny Fraser is an executive coach and facilitator. She has been facilitating around the world with Insight Seminars since 1995, from Brazil to Siberia. She is a published author and also counsels people with cancer on how to heal naturally (based on her own experience).