The Insight Teen Advantage Seminar enables pre and early teen children acquire tools to navigate their teenage years. Wendy Churchill, our organiser, explains.

Why Insight Pre-Teen Seminar

Good parenting has no guarantee. We want our children to enjoy a safe, easy and rewarding life. Yet we all know it’s a perilous process.

In the UK, by most measures, young people’s lives are improving:

  • Drinking, smoking and drug-taking are down.
  • Teenage pregnancies are at the lowest level for nearly half a century.

Technology improvements make their and our lives closer, faster and better. Young people have opportunities their parents didn’t dream about.

Teenager’s Challenges

Yet, there is evidence that mental-health challenges grip young teenagers. Unlike their parents,  rather than acting out, many young people turn-in on themselves. e.g.:

  • In the past twenty-five years, teenage rates of depression and anxiety increased by 70%.
  • Over the last decade, the number of children and young people admitted to hospital with a psychiatric condition has doubled.

As a parent of a pre-teenager and a teenager, I know the daily challenges young people face. As an Insight Seminars’ graduate, in my work, personal and family life,  I  benefited greatly from the tools I learned. The tools helped me be a parent.

Insight Teen Seminar 2020

I’m excited:  my children will benefit from Insight’s pre-teen seminar.

On the 17th and 18th October 2020,  Insight will run a special pre-teen and early teen seminar in Walthamstow, London.

The seminar is fun and engaging. It equips children with Insight’s tools to use during their teen years. Children will learn about:

  • Making and keeping friends;
  • Standing up for themselves;
  • Dealing with wild emotions;
  • Peer pressure;
  • Self-confidence;  and
  • Much more, in a safe and inclusive environment.

David, a participant at a previous teen seminar said;

“Becoming a teen is not easy. Many things I faced I wasn’t really sure how to deal with.

Doing Insight really helped. It gave me a safe space to talk about my feelings and explain what I went through. It helped me grow and learn. I became happier with who I am and made so many friends.”

Good parenting has no guarantee. I believe Insight will help.

Wendy Churchill


Insight Interviews: Stacey Medalyer

Stacey Medalyer has lost count of how many Insight seminars she has participated in and assisted on. Born in Whitechapel (within the sound of Bow Bells) she was introduced to Insight twenty-five years ago, a shy nineteen-years old living at home. She has been involved ever since. What appeals to her about the organisation is its inclusivity. ‘There is space for anyone, it doesn’t matter what their background is,’ she says.