Every parent wants the best for their children.

Enabling your pre-teens to transition into their teenage years with self-awareness and tools means equipping them with skills to navigate through this time.

Teen years are complicated and sometimes confusing times. Today, there is even more to think about with social media and a fast and competitive world. What were your teenage years like? Mine were fairly straightforward, but I would have welcomed more openness and communication.

How can we help our kids feel confident and make smart choices?

How can we assist them fit in without compromising who they are? Can we help them communicate, including asking for what they need?

Sometimes we don’t learn everything we need to school or from our parents. As an adult, I’ve done personal discovery work that has transformed how I think, how I respond and how I create success and ease in my life. I did an Insight Seminar for adults with Peter Felsmann and was so excited to hear that  he comes to lead Insight Kids Seminar in Brighton this October.

Self-discovery means empowering people to understand what is happening, why they respond in the way they do and to consider different ways to handle situations.

Take for example peer pressure. If a child is feeling uncertain about who they are, they will be more susceptible to the pressure from other kids. But if they are coached on trusting their instincts and their self-worth, they will be stronger and smarter.

Insight Kids Seminar for 10 to 13 years old will be this autumn in Brighton from October 6-8.

The seminar is structured to be fun and engaging, while equipping children with Insight tools that they can use as they approach their teen years. Insight offers your child the opportunity to learn and grow in an inspiring, safe and educational environment.

The three days include individual and group activities, entertaining games, great music and dancing, and practical tools to take them through their lives. The knowledge your children will receive through this experiential and transformational format will stay with them for a long time.

We will cover subjects such as making and keeping friends, standing up for yourself, dealing with wild emotions, peer pressure, self-confidence and much more.

Additionally, we engage the parents/guardians at the start and end of the Seminar to learn key insights from which the whole family can benefit.

Please watch below a short interview with one of the facilitators of the Kids & Teen Insight – Eldrick Bone, where he shares how Insight supports children to pass through the teenage years with more confidence.



Find out more about the upcoming Childrens Seminar

Facilitator of this coming Kids Insight in Brighton is Peter Felsmann. Peter took Insight when he was 16 years old and has facilitated Insight Seminars since he was 20 years old for Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking countries spanning the globe from Siberia to Southern Chile. Peter has over 15 years experience facilitating personal and professional seminars, conflict-resolution training, and peer mentoring sessions. He has also facilitated seminars for abandoned children and teens, as well as people with life-threatening diseases and their caretakers throughout Latin America, the U.S. and parts of Europe.

Additionally, Peter co-leads Thrive Global, a corporate and consumer well-being and productivity platform, in Latin America for Arianna Huffington. Arianna herself is a long time advocate of the Insight seminar, participating in and promoting Insight seminars when she lived in the UK, and recommending it to this day.

I will be at the Kids Seminar in Brighton with my children. Hope to see you there.

Renée Elliott, FRSA
Founder, Planet Organic
Co-Founder, Beluga Bean