We all believe that our kids are our future and try our best to prepare them for it. Being a parent myself I can understand that sometimes we need support and guidance to raise our children to be more confident, to create strong positive relationships, to empathise with others and generally, being good people.

Insight Seminars, who have been helping people from all walks of life since 1979 has developed seminars especially for children, and this year we will have one in Brighton, UK on 7 and 8 of October.

In order to convey the experience and benefits that kids gain from such seminars, I’m sharing with you what the guys who just went through the similar experience in the US had to say.

Most of them weren’t sure what to expect on the first day and thought that it would be boring. Later, however, the majority of them described it as an amazing experience.

Ali, participant: “I was excited about the second day when we were talking about problems and how to deal with them. People that you don’t know have some of the problems as you. It’s been amazing and energetic. I learned that if you learn to love yourself life will become easier for you and if you are being negative you cannot accomplish anything. I think other people should come here because this will change their perspective as you realize there are people with similar experiences and you make friends.”

David, participant: “Becoming a teen is not easy and there are a lot of things that I faced that I wasn’t really sure how to deal with. Doing the Insight really helped, it gave me a safe space to talk about my feelings and really explain what I went through. It helped me grow and learn and I became so much happier with who I am and made so many friends.”

Ben, facilitator: “It’s really a place where you can make lots of friends and you get some lessons that might help you out in life or in school with your parents, with hating your homework, with hating sports or just dealing with bullies, all kinds of situations show up in the seminar and it’s really a great place to make connections in a non-religious way. It’s all about love.”

Eldrick, facilitator: “I’ve been part of this for nearly fourteen years since I was fourteen years old myself . When I first took it I actually was a lot shyer than I am right now. Perhaps, you are also thinking now “there are things that scare me, that hold me back from getting the things I want in life”. What are those things? Maybe deeper relationships, better friends, higher sense of confidence or maybe being able to go up to someone and say “Hi!”. I want to let you know that you have something available to you in England, where you’ll be able to get together with a group of people of your age and make that happen. And I’m not saying that we are going to sit down in a room and talk about our feelings, I’m asking you to come out and have some fun with the people who have a variety of experiences, come from different cultures, people that you may have thought you’d never be able to talk to, and learn from them. Learn about yourself and have fun. Join Kids Insight and you won’t regret it!”.

Natalia participant: my experience has been mind-blowing, life-changing. I feel like I’ve been enlightened, and I feel like I have this weight off my shoulders, and I’m much more open and I made friendships that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. If I had to describe it in one word it would be “breathtaking”. I think that other people should definitely take this seminar. You might be apprehensive at first and be unsure if you want to do this, but just being here with people your own age, people that understand you, people who have gone through similar experiences as you will definitely change the way you look at life.”

If this sounds like an experience you’d like for your children, learn more about the Kids Insight. It starts on 7 October in Brighton, so there is still time to register!