A man is riding a tube and thinking:
– My life is a complete mess, my boss is an idiot, my wife only thinks about money and my friends turned away from me!
An angel behind the man is writing all this down and thinking:
– Strange wishes, but if that’s what he wants…

Why change?

We are all magicians and we create our own reality, life and circumstances in it. Very few of us are aware of this and fewer yet are willing to take responsibility for what we create. Nevertheless, if we continue like this for the rest of our lives we end up feeling like a victim of circumstances, not like powerful creators we are meant to be.

All you need to do is think and be honest with yourself in order to see that the circumstances you are in now – your work, place that you live in, your partner, your friends – are the things of your doing, whether they are positive and successful or negative and feel like a failure to you.

Yet, we often fall in a trap of lulling ourselves into thinking that this is normal, everyone lives like this, so why should I change something? It always pays to listen carefully to yourself, and if you have this nagging feeling inside that makes you uncomfortable with your current situation, then you need to accept the fact that you are ready for the change.

Conscious change comes with acceptance that you want to do something about your current situation and understanding why you want to change. This will be your guidance, and the fuel for change will be your internal desire. This is very important, because if the change is imposed from outside, it either won’t happen or won’t be lasting, unless it coincides with what you truly want.

Set intention

The next step is to understand where you are going, and to do that, you need to set your intention. Perhaps, you want to change something at work, or in your relationship, quit smoking or start exercising, take 6 months off and travel, or learn free diving or foreign language. Once you set the intention, check again with yourself and make sure it’s truly yours and not your Mom’s, partner’s or friend’s.

Just do it

Now comes the most exciting and probably, the scariest part. You need to start acting and making steps towards achieving your goals (yes, that means doing something, not thinking, wishing or hoping and generally, procrastinating). Keep putting one foot in front of the other figuratively and literally. You don’t need to know each following step, just keep your intention in focus and trust yourself to figure it out as you go. Treat it as a journey and adventure.

Just like for a journey, you need to be prepared, and when it comes to changing something and manifesting this change, you need a lot of patience. You probably had to plant something in the biology class and keep a daily diary describing how the plant grows and changes. Besides understanding biology, this is a great exercise in learning that things don’t happen overnight.

Lastly, change can be overwhelming, and to make it successful and more interesting, you need to surround yourself with people who get you and who support you.


On 11 October Insight Seminars UK will hold a workshop “Creating and Manifesting Change”. It’s a 2-hour evening workshop where you will learn about:
– Having a powerful intention
– Identifying the stuff that’s in the way
– Transforming limiting assumptions
– Taking positive action
– Creating and manifesting change
If you are ready for the change, at our workshop you will not only learn where to start, you will gain practical tools and meet like-minded people.

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