Insight Seminars will guide you on a path to find your joy, discover what you love and connect with your true self.

Why Insight

The Path of Insight is a journey to bring you more fully to the best in you – your authentic self and loving heart. Our Seminars give you the opportunity to let go of what’s not working so that you can create more joy, confidence, intimacy, success, and love in your life. Each Seminar builds on the last, offering deeper and more profound opportunities for creating a life you absolutely love.

The Path begins with Insight I Seminar. In a few short days, you will have an opportunity to look at:

  • The power of intentions and creating more of what you want in your life
  • How to love, trust, and commit to yourself more fully
  • Giving and receiving feedback in a loving and supportive way
  • Using forgiveness to get free of any past hurts holding you back
  • Sharing with other people in a loving and authentic way
  • Making choices that are aligned with your intuition
  • Learning to live more fully from your heart– your authentic Self

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Our Seminars

Insight I: Awaken

Insight I is an uplifting journey through awakening your heart centre to the best person you can be. This seminar is brilliantly crafted to guide you on your own journey of self-discovery in a loving, respectful, and supportive environment. Insight I builds the foundation for discovering what will support you in creating a life you love.

Insight II: Open

In a safe and supportive journey, the second seminar opens your heart by getting free from anything that has been holding you back in your life and embracing your true self. Insight II is a stretch into opening your heart to recognise your own magnificence and authenticity. Many participants say this Seminar was truly life changing.

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Insight III: Center

In a beautiful retreat setting, unplugged from the world and free from day-to-day distractions, you'll have the opportunity to explore more of your loving heart and authentic self. It's an opportunity to affirm the foundation you've built in the first two seminars and more fully embrace the person you want to become.

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